Defining to be the words of God Allah recited, the ayah here in the Islamic religion are formed as "ayah," and they form chapters as "surah" in our outstanding smartphone application called "Quran Point".

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Define the surah in the form of quotes and share it with your friends and relatives especially expressing it in a well-designed background in an attractive manner also be left to use as the home screen wallpaper of your smartphone. The quote can be transferred through any social sharing network like WhatsApp, Skype, etc. Anyone can read the ayah at least once a day in the form of quotes from the respected surah, as it is represented in "The Quran 10:15" in the holy book of Islam.


It is defined as the Holy Quran videos defined by the Prophet Muhammad's wordings of God Allah and the need to follow it in one's life to lead a life of truth in a well-disciplined manner. Overlook a person's past life and comparing it with the point in their life after watching the Quran Video would make a lot of difference. This also explains ayah in the descriptive video method in a recited format procedure.



The images are highly graphic, which would decorate the locked screen or the home screen of a smartphone, including religion-related symbols, symbols of sacred books of Islam, and much more to decorate as Wallpapers. One can share the wallpaper through several sharing apps, offline and online, with anyone who wants to be occupied with the blessings of God Allah.


Need to look out for a particular ayah or ayat of the surah, then search with a related phrase or a word that matches the content that may appear on screen with a detailed representation of the chapter and Ayah numbers. If you want to go to a particular ayah, enter the chapter name/number in the search box to get the exact ayah. By entering the needed ayah, one can traverse 114 surahs’ to find the right one.



Get notifications of one ayah per day in the Quran point app, where random display from overall ayah is showcased per the defined settings from different surah in the Koran. As technology develops, the ayah gets fine-shaped in an app format that one can read, share, and quote to others with the presence of the Internet or even as an SMS message.

Festive Calendar

Nowadays, different versions of calendars are present in a smartphone rather than a common monthly calendar. Like said, there is a version for representing the Islamic festivals and events that happen throughout the year for 12 months where one can get prepared for the celebrations in advance. The user can mark extra notes on any particular date in the Quran Point app.


Community Discussion

100x100 Razz Verma

Quran Point has made it easier for me to connect with the holy ayah. A user-friendly app that brings peace to my fingertips. Highly recommended!

100x100 Pirih Ali

Quran Point's intuitive design and features make learning and reciting the Quran a delightful experience. It's my go-to app for spiritual enrichment.

100x100 Mausum Gogoi

With Quran Point, I carry the beauty of the Quran everywhere I go. A comprehensive app helps me deepen my understanding of Islam.

100x100 safeedha

Quran Point's audio recitation feature and different Qari options make it effortless to explore the profound teachings of the Quran. A must-have app!

100x100 Bilal Bukhari

Quran Point's interactive quizzes and progress tracking keep me motivated on my Quranic journey. It's an excellent app for all ages.

100x100 Shane Warne Aus

Quran Point's elegant interface and bookmarking feature allow me to easily navigate through chapters and revisit my favorite ayah. Truly remarkable!

100x100 Preet Bf

Quran Point's daily Ayah notifications and personalized reminders ensure that I never miss my spiritual routine. An invaluable app for Muslims.

100x100 Md. Zakir Hossain

Quran Point is a game-changer for memorization. Its intuitive memorization tool and repetition system have transformed my Quranic learning.